10:00AM – 3:00PM



 About StreetWork & the Community Fun Day Team

What does StreetWork do?

StreetWork is a not-for-profit, community based organisation that focuses on prevention and early intervention strategies delivered to ‘at risk’ youth. It was established and has been operating since 1980, and has a proven history of positive, tangible results for young people through early intervention and empowerment programs. StreetWork engages with the most vulnerable members of our community – ‘at risk’ young people’, to help them to turn their lives around. We support medium to high ‘at risk’ young people aged between 11-18 affected by crime, mental health issues, violence, destructive relationships, rejections and isolation, homelessness, those disengaged from school, with poor employment opportunities, impacted by alcohol or substance abuse or social isolation, to turn their lives around .

KickStart Mentoring Program

StreetWork’s KickStart Mentoring Program aims to break the cycle of destruction impacting ‘at risk young people affected by crime, violence, destructive relationships, rejection and isolation, poor employment opportunities, disengagement from education, poor mental health and substance abuse. The breadth and depth of disadvantage that these young people experience paired with the complex and compounding interactions of these problems, makes StreetWork’s KickStart mentoring an essential social service.

The Community Fun Day Team

The Community Fun Day Team is made up of a group of dedicated volunteers giving their expertise and time to this important fundraising event.

We would like to acknowledge our special team members:

  • Lucy Dahill
  • Lana Sturmer
  • John Lee
  • Jo-Ann Moffat
  • Lynette Ivemey
  • Corrine Williams
  • Sue Inglis
  • Robert Waller
  • Brendan Willis
  • David Grant
  • Diana Paton
  • Lisa Manton
  • Rachael Wang