10:00AM – 3:00PM

StreetWork Community Fun Day

Be part of the change you want to see in our community.

Benefits to Sponsors / Partners:
  • An opportunity to have your brand in the community as a community partner
  • Empower non-skilled members of the community to learn skills which build to a fun day of activity in the local community
  • Foster the importance of good male role models
  • Provide your staff with an opportunity to get out into the community and participate in a fun community event representing the company they work for
  • Potential to increase sales throughout the kart construction periods and present an opportunity to retain loyal customers
  • Connect with people in the local community as a potential employer (young apprentices/migrant workers/retirees)
  • Promote our collaboration and brand acknowledgement across all promotional materials for the event. Including local radio (partnership with 2HHH), local media, social media and print media.

Opportunities to be involved
  • Be our main event sponsor / partner. All local media, advertising and acknowledgements will include sponsors as part of this bespoke main partnership
For more information for our sponsors, please click below to view our Sponsorship Proposal Document:
Community Day Sponsorship Proposal PDF
What will you create?
  • The local migrant community who may feel isolated in a new area and new country
  • Disengaged youth to offer an opportunity to work with the police or other local services on a fun day out
  • Fathers and sons who are looking for an activity they can do regularly (build the push kart) and seeing the fruition of their hard work come together in the push kart challenge
  • Members of our community who may be looking for connections to local businesses for work
  • Local community who may be looking for connections related to mental health support.
Our Mission

An awareness and fundraising opportunity for StreetWork, a local youth mentoring organisation that works with medium to high-risk young people. All fundraising at the event goes towards the cost of a local youth worker as part of their flagship Kickstart Mentoring Program. The Community Fun Day will include the community Push Kart course, a StreetWork BBQ, a 2HHH community radio live outside broadcast, numerous community and health related stalls. We will invite our local emergency services to attend the event and to contribute also.

Target Audience

Expected traffic on the day is estimated between 1,500 – 2,000 people based on previous community events held in Hornsby Mall.

The Opportunity

This as an opportunity to align your brand to an event that has international recognition and traction (International Men’s Day), to build greater community awareness of the importance of male role models and team work for both mental and physical health. It is a celebration of relationships and is an opportunity to work towards an event that will create rare memories in relationships.


To offer our community an opportunity to see the value in solid mentoring relationships. Opportunities that will build towards a fun activity achieved in pairs, highlighting the importance of supporting each other and working as a community. Our theme is Positive Male Role Models. The event will also raise awareness of the work StreetWork implement in the local area and contribute to the cost of their local youth worker

Build greater community awareness for the importance of male role models


Our Wonderful Sponsors